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Welcome to the official online store of Tose Zafirov! Here, you can find products, plans, and advice to help you pursue a healthy lifestyle or a career in the bodybuilding and fitness industry.  Our brand includes Books, Clothes, Diets, Supplements, and Fitness Plans.


The diet plans of Tose Zafirov promote the elimination of sugar and salt, all with the purpose to decrease these variables’ levels within your body. And by refraining from these ingredients, or detoxing your physique, you can easily get a fresh start for a healthy lifestyle.


With his life-long experience, Tose Zafirov delivers the most effective, best curated exercise plans. Suitable for different body types and fitness objectives, these methods are able to bring your body to its full potential.


As a man with extensive experience, Tose Zafirov is happy to share his acquired knowledge with the global audience. For that cause, he is writing a set of books relevant to anyone who is dedicated to achieve greatness, either through changing his/her lifestyle or professionally entering the industry.


Tose Zafirov has his own clothing line, one that is focused on high levels of quality, along with sustainability. Thus, it’s the perfect choice for any fitness enthusiast, an amateur or a pro, looking to improve the overall ease of training.

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An image of a diet plan where you can see all kinds of vegetables thrown from the bag as on the side there is the Detox Diet Showcased

Detox Diet

As our latest regime, the Detox Diet is fine-tuned to assist your life change in a 28 -day period.

By decreasing your sugar, salt, and fat levels, you will be able to completely cleanse your organism, while maintaining or improving your health.

The Detox Diet can help you lose up to 10-15 kg, depending on your initial weight, without the yo-yo effect of gaining the fat back.

It is now available in 10 Languages!