Available in 11 Languages

Detox Diet

Best Seller

You can enhance your body’s natural detoxification system by symply changing your diet. 

Take a deep dive into the world of nutrition, choose one of the neatest, most effective diet plans in the world!

Available in 11 Languages

Detox Diet

Best Seller

You can enhance your body’s natural detoxification system by symply changing your diet.

Take a deep dive into the world of nutrition, choose one of the neatest, most effective diet plans in the world!


The Detox Diet

Today, lots of diet plans discourage people from following them throughout their completion. They are either too expensive to maintain or require massive dedication and resources which are sometimes hard to find.

That’s why most individuals turn to fast food or similar choices which are easy to support on the long term. However, the result of this lifestyle is high body levels of sugar and salt.

To solve these issues, Tose Zafirov has launched the Detox Diet, one that guarantees immediate success, as it has changed the life of thousands of people in just a few months of its release.

The results of the regime are loss of body fat, or approximately 10 to 15 kg within 28 days, as well as developing a whole new perspective when it comes to food. To be more exact, you will be able to train your brain to recognize what is a bad intake, and even feel repelled by it.

In the end, you will be left with a much healthier lifestyle and a mindset that can extend your lifespan for a few years.


The Detox Diet

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Detox Diet

If you are interested in the rules/criteria regarding the Detox Diet, you can review the frequently asked questions and get your answers before the purchase!

What Is the Difference Between This Diet and a Regular Diet?

This program builds on a lifestyle.

It is a great response to good posture and physique, as well as a vibrant life.

The regime is relevant to any person who aims to have a good figure.

It cannot be compared to regular dieting and fasting.

The main focus is refraining from salt and sugar, as harmful ingredients for the body.

If you go after the recommendations, success mostly lies in the first 7 days and after 28days.

It displays a great combination of  TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Fitline products.

How Much Weight Can I Lose?

The weight loss is the greatest in the first weeks.

By removing salt, the body will lose a lot of water and fat in the first 28 days. The average weight loss is from 3 to 7 kg.

But what is more important is muscle development, as a noticeable change in physique.

99% of the people have also lost their wrinkles, tightened, or improved their overall skin condition with an enhanced muscle tone.

Three months after the 28-day period, or the stabilization phase, also brings optimistic results.

Do I Have to Fear the Yoyo Effect?

This is very easy to answer because it’s just like in real life.

For example: if a person spends more than he earns, then he will have a problem.

The same thing applies for eating. If we burn calories more than we consume them, then we will lose weight.

Due to the positive changes in living habits, 99% of the users did not gain extra weight. Hence, you can develop a healthy foundation for faster metabolism in the first 4 months.

Important Note: you can eat or drink anything that you want if you are invited to a celebration.

This program is different from the others, as it doesn’t have any side effects. So, with the help of the white days, you can keep the weight off despite all the celebrations and holidays.

More exactly, one day with 4 meals can bring everything back to normal. However, if you have been on an all-inclusive vacation, you will need more white days to achieve the objective.

You won’t feel hungry with 4 meals per day. Otherwise, the regime won’t work.

Even so, you should be careful not to consume too much sugar and salt into your body. After a weekend break, you will want to have a day off too. And slowly but surely, your body will become dependent on a healthy diet.

Will I Be Able to Eat More If I Feel Hungry In the First Weeks?

Yes, you will be allowed to, but no more than half a portion of one of the 4 meals offered. Also, this shouldn’t happen too often.

Can I Chew Gum and Eat Candy?

No, because there are too many hidden sugars that are not allowed.

May I Use Olive and Olive Oil?

Yes, both the olive fruit and the olive oil are healthy.

Can I Drink Energy Drinks in the Morning?

No, ideally, you should drink it at noon.

Is It Okay to Drink Minerals More Than 3 Times a Day?

Yes, there is no harm in doing so.

Can I Drink Herbal Tea in the Morning?

Yes, you can. This tea is especially beneficial when combined with B vitamins.

What Should I Do If I Get Constipation in the First Week?

It happens rarely but if it does, there are many remedies that can help your digestion get back on track. It is especially important to make sure that the body does not store the toxins because the purpose of this program is to eliminate them.

Will I Get a Headache in the First Week?

Yes, many people have experienced it. In the first week, by drinking minerals, you remove the toxic materials from the body.

so, one can feel the imbalance of their hormones. It’s recommended to drink only bottled, but not soda water, and an extra energy drink to reduce the minerals. 

In case of severe headaches, feel free to start the week with a green day.

When you finish the green week, then you can continue with a white week.

What Do I Do If I Have Diabetes?

Start with a white day then go with a green day, and gradually increase the white days.

Experience shows that blood sugar may stabilize. and with the approval of your doctor, you can eat 5 times a day.

Can I Exercise in the First 7 Days?

In the first 14 days, you shouldn’t do any physical activity except for walking. You should avoid cardio, as well as mountain walks because your body need the fat power for everyday activities.

After 2 weeks, your energy will come on its own.

What Happens to Rheumatism?

You should constantly drink water, start with 7 green days, as well as reduce the minerals (all with doctor’s approval).

May I Have a Cheat Day in the First 28 Days?

If your only objective is to lose weight, you can continue with a white day.

But if you have chosen the diet because of health issues then you should not have cheat days.

Should I Drink Milk in the First 28 Days?

No, not even in coffee. This program is only with sugar-free yogurt, considered as a probiotic.

And the detox will only work if you stick to the plan.

Am I Allowed to Eat Cheese?

You cannot eat cheese in the first 28 days. You are only allowed dairy products on the green days and sour cream on the white days.

*Important Note: 1kg of fat has between 7.000 and 9.000 calories.